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Appearing Cane (Steel)

Believe- you may produce a full length cane from "thin air". Just attain into the air and dad- there may be a cane for your hand! Or you could alternate a silk to a cane. You can even use the performing Cane accompanied with the aid of the Vanishing Cane for an entire routine! That is a expert high great metallic cane a good way to maintain up to many years of use with proper handling. This cane is best for onstage use, and could tour nicely for repeated performances. However, due to the metallic creation and sharp edges, warning is cautioned. Please read and comply with guidelines carefully. Absolutely made in metallic. With awesome Locking Mechanism. Silk isn't always covered. Comes with whole instruction sheet. Overall performance thoughts: This cane is a really perfect way to open your show. The startling and on the spot look of a cane says "i am a magician"! Use a 9" or 12" silk if you need to exchange a silk right into a cane. Connect the silk to the clasp on the collapsed cane. You could hide the cane in your palm, with the silk draped between your thumb and first finger, so it looks as if you are conserving only a silk for your hand. While the cane is tripped, the cane will right away make bigger and pull the silk interior, making it seem like the silk has changed right into a cane.

Diminishing Milk Glass

Magician show four clean transparent glasses of different sizes. Every glass is about double as large as the preceding one. Magician fills the smallest glass with some milk. When the contents of the smallest glass are poured into the following larger glass that is two times as big as the smallest one, it's miles determined to have crammed up. The milk has magically doubled itself. Magician is capable of double the milk twice greater. Stunning! Opposite habitual can also works best, wherein you begin with the largest glass and hold diminishing the milk till it fits into the smallest glass, this impact is virtually thoughts blowing!!. Four clear glasses are supplied with this trick and the most important glass being 5.5"" tall and the smallest glass being just over 2.25"" tall. East to perform

Vanishing Cane Steel

The Vanishing Cane is a conventional Magician's prop, quick, visual and a super beginning or last trick. It could, of course, also be used at any spot for your act. A solid metal Cane approximately three ft in period held out- stretched in the performer's hand vanishes visibly and instantly. Or you can have the Cane exchange into one or two silks, a stalk of flora, a length of ribbon or even disintegrate into confetti. Each performer will have his very own thoughts for the presentation of this versatile object. A silver version in stainless steel for the modern magician. No rusting, no oiling and cleansing, no mess, and no shade fading. A really perfect accomplice to our Silver acting Cane, - vanish the cane at a while on your act, and later apparently produce the same cane...

Pip Card Jumbo

The performer displays a large playing card, which suggests an Ace of Diamonds inside the the front, and a 4 Of Diamonds on the lower back of the card. When the cardboard is became over the ace has end up a 3 and the four has modified to a six. The magician now explains how the trick is achieved with a mainly published card, teaching it to his target market. In real truth the cardboard has pips on one facet and 5 pips on the other. By means of putting his hand at the proper spot the two spots may be made to appear as a one or three. Further on the opposite the 5 spots can be shown as a 4 or six. Having taught the trick to his target market, the performer now proceeds to idiot them with it all another time, the use of a few actual magic. There's now genuinely a 3 on one facet and a six on the other side. Then the six will become a seven. And subsequently the seven will become an eight, so the cardboard indicates three on one facet and 8 at the opposite. This is one of the conventional magic consequences, and a favorite with magicians and audiences through the a while.

Necklace Mystery

Magician indicates beautiful stand on which the necklace is displayed. He then removes the necklace and covers the empty stand with silk. He now takes the necklace & keeps it in an empty shown small cloth pouch & say's his magic word & all at once the necklace vanishes from the cloth pouch. The magician then get rid of the silk from the stand & magically necklace reappears on the stand because it become earlier than. Absolutely new and effective trick for level & party come absolutely with practise What you get In bundle: Necklace Stand PLastic Bead Necklace Lovely Velvet Pouch Published guidance Sheet Be aware: color of beads may also vary as in keeping with to be had stock.

Stiff Rope

This will be an exquisite comedy prop or a severe prop depending on the presentation. A magician is capable of make an normal searching rope turn out to be limp or stiff at his command. This will be repeated any wide variety of instances and may be finished surrounded. An outstanding multipurpose prop. The rope is 30" long. Comes with commands.

Money Pad

Showing one empty diary to the audience converted in to the diary with picture of money...

Magic Bat

There is a plastic strep which looks like cricket bat. which is empty from both the sides. after keeping hand on this bat name appeaes.

Coin And Cap

There is small plastic cap. if we put one coin in this cap it will become tow.

Floating-Stick On Card

There Is two cards. when we put a stick on one cards then this stick fly away.

Zerox Coin

Show The Audience two plastic coins. After magic one of the coin will disappeared.

Botania (Cloth Flower)

Show an empty cylinder Pass any kind of rose or any type of flower inside this empty cylinder Remove this rose or the flower from bottom of the empty cylinder Do this procedure two to three times And when the last time you do this process, then it becomes a full-fledged bouquet Note : It is an artificial flower (cloth flower) We can wash it.