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Vanishing Card Box

The magician takes out a field from his pocket, which holds a deck of playing cards. The field has a window on top and an opening at one give up. The cardboard case is definitely visible via the window and commencing of the box. The performer eliminates the cardboard case from the box and units the container on the table. He opens the case and removes a card, say the nine of Diamonds. He proclaims that he's going to insert this card within the card case over the rest of the cards. He states that he will update the case in the container, and reason the 9 of Diamonds to magically penetrate the deck, the case, and the container. His actions observe his words, however nothing seems to appear. Pressured, the performer turns the field over. To anyone's surprise, the entire deck of playing cards has disappeared, leaving the container absolutely empty! In place of making the deck of cards disappear, you can change it right into a matchbox, a silk or a miniature deck. The field made in Plastic fr lengthy life use, very easy to do, and extremely baffling. Provided ready to work, complete with instructions.

Card Vanishing Frame

Very simple and powerful stage magic trick. The strong, plastic frame is just big enough to keep a jumbo card. With it, you may make a card disappear or make one magically seem. Show the cardboard thru the big openings within the frame. Wave your give up it and the card is gone! Attain into your pocket and show the card. No talent required. Comes equipped to paintings simply open the package and do it.

Svengali Deck

The Svengali deck is one of the most purchased gimmick decks within the history of magic! Loads of effects come to be possible with out a sleight of hand. This deck is not only for novices, the various international's top expert Magicians use this deck to perform with. A card is chosen and back to the % that's then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by means of sensing which card is warmer from the spectators contact! The selected card is then shuffled into the p.C. Again most effective to jump to the pinnacle of the deck. The cards are then cut as soon as placing the chosen card within the center of the p.C. - but say the magic words and the selected card is on pinnacle again! Whilst establishing this trick deck of cards for the primary time you'll be surprised at the numerous feats of magic possible. So easy to apply and people could be speaking about your magic ability.


Every magician need to have this mark deck. Superb card trick which may be carry out everywhere any time, even in surrounded people. Magician display card deck and ask any spectator to shuffle it and select a card consider and vicinity it at the pinnacle of deck, then magician pass his surrender the deck and become aware of spectators card. Very smooth to do, you will be grasp of this in minute..

Wow Card

Your spectators might be announcing "WOW" once they see this fairly visual card exchange, which takes place right in front of there eyes! In case you noticed this on television you'll make sure it turned into a digicam trick! Imagine having a spectator freely pick out any card (no pressure). The cardboard is signed and changed lower back into the deck. You country that with the aid of magic you'll make their card upward thrust to the top of the deck. You snap your palms and flip over the top card, even as you are anticipating your big applause your spectator tells you it is now not their card. This indifferent card is slid into a paper-thin clean black plastic sleeve just large sufficient to maintain the card. Even as the sleeve is held between thumb and forefinger, and with out a hand movement of any kind, the detached card slowly and visibly modifications into the signed selection! The spectator can eliminate the card himself. There may be not anything else inside the sleeve! This Wow card isn't always normal its Imported quality. Wow 2.0 face down also Avaliable contact us for greater informaion..

Chop Stick Deck

Q & A A completely popular impact some decades in the past, now again available. An off-beat way of disclosing a freely decided on card, from a entire deck ! Performer shows a deck of cards that can be examined, and freely shuffled. It is a everyday deck of playing cards. The simplest issue "special" approximately this deck is that it has two holes going right via it. A spectator freely selects any card from the deck. No pressure. The selected card is noted and changed within the deck, that's then again shuffled. A chop stick is now introduced, and handed through one of the holes. The deck hangs freely at the chopstick. On the performer's command, one card slowly swivels up from the middle of the deck, and it's miles the spectator's decided on card. Easy to do with the special deck and chopstick supplied, this comes whole and prepared to carry out a couple of minutes when you read the instructions.1Z

Bicycle Playing Cards Poker (Red)

This is the arena's maximum familiar and maximum Used Card. The well-known Rider lower back design in purple and blue. We've all probable played with this card and recognize that it's far a completely solid and dependable card. Greater humans use this card than some other inside the world. It's far made with the aid of america playing Card organization and this card is plastic covered to make sure an extended existence. A favourite of card gamers and magicians for over one hundred years, Bicycle gambling playing cards have lengthy been called the gold standard This card is poker length and does come with jokers. The decks are trendy, still wrapped in plastic, and bought immediately from the manufacturer. The energy and versatility of the cardboard stock, as well as the smoothness of the Air Cushion finish, makes Bicycle cards a perfect desire for all card games and magic hints.

Small Card to Big Card

The performer indicates the audience keen on everyday, poker sized cards. After overhearing a statement from the again of the target audience that they cannot see the playing cards, the magician waves his give up the fan and they visibly alternate to jumbo sized cards!

Bicycle Playing Cards Poker (Blue)

This is the sector's most acquainted and maximum Used Card. The famous Rider back design in pink and blue. We've all possibly performed with this card and realize that it's miles a totally stable and reliable card. Extra humans use this card than any other within the global. It is made by using the usa gambling Card organization and this card is plastic lined to make certain an extended life. A favorite of card players and magicians for over one hundred years, Bicycle gambling playing cards have lengthy been known as the gold preferred This card is poker length and does include jokers. The decks are state-of-the-art, nonetheless wrapped in plastic, and acquired directly from the producer. The energy and versatility of the card inventory, as well as the smoothness of the Air Cushion end, makes Bicycle cards a great choice for all card video games and magic hints. What you'll Get : One Blue Deck


Mr. Max This one greater layout For Mark Deck, This deck can be used as normal deck, it has high-quality design and bordered lower back, so you can also use this for magic hints. Impact: you may pick out these playing cards with out seeing face of these cards Bridge length deck, to be had in purple and Black coloration. Printed in India.  

Shrinking Deck

An truely lovely card impact! Though it looks impossible, it's truely SO easy TO DO! Observe this: your spectator selects any card from a regular sized deck. After the card is positioned lower back in the deck, it is found to now be half of the scale of the opposite playing cards in the deck! However it truly is now not the quit of it! When the whole deck is once more spread out, THE complete DECK has gotten smaller to miniature card size! Of route, you end the trick with the aid of bringing the whole thing back to regular again. We deliver you poker length unique deck of playing cards for playing playing cards and instruction sheet. Observe: The deck we provided is non-bicycle, Indian made gambling card deck.

Mark Deck (INDIAN) Blue

Blow your spectator's away with this marked deck._ This is the marked deck you have been waiting for! These masterfully created cards will blow your spectator away with subtle magic at its best. - Identify any card without seeing its face. - Read the identifiers of the cards directly without having to mark the card yourself. - Yes, No codes, No symbol to interpret, No marking system to learn - Instant location and direct reading of the marks. - Plus 1 Bonus Double Back RED & Blue Card Added for Multipurpose effect.   It is perfect for restaurants, at work, on the street, at birthday parties, in tradeshows or simply with friends This deck is a magical must for every aspiring and professional magician. Available in RED back Only with Special Double Back (RED+Blue) card. This Deck is bridge size and have Same Finishing as In Picture.