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Fire Wallet (Standard)

There's nothing more mundane than paying for something in a store, but you know what they'll never expect? A MOUNTAIN OF FLAMES! pen wallet to get cash but oooooops, its flaming hot, Snap the wallet shut and show everyone that nothing looks strange dropping your favorite line— That's Unexpected, or maybe something fire-related, but you know, whatever floats your boat. The point is: the effect speaks for itself. It's that strong. This is regular carrying wallet, you can use it as an everyday wallet holding cash, card coins, your wife Photo ;) etc.    

Hot Book

  When you open this book, it BURSTS INTO FLAMES!   The basic effect is you pick up a book and read it to yourself or out loud. WOW - THIS BOOK IS HOT! - you HOT that the book bursts into flames!   Our FLAMING BOOK is an excellent gag item for performers that want something unusual and off-beat in their act.   Can also be used for GOSPEL MAGIC - when you talk about sin and hell this book starts burning up!   Hardcover book. Style may vary from photo. Perform our fun BURNING BOOK gag over and over again and again.   NOTE : SOLD ONLY TO ADULTS. Not Suitable for Children.

Flashy Matchstick

Want to make some flash on stage. Pulling out normal matchstick won't impress the audience much, but when you pull out a flashy burning match stick makes a huge impact on the audience. These are special matchstick which can be used with any type of lit match producer or used it as regular match stick, it burns much better, bigger, longer and flashy. This is the one must-have accessory for magician if you are using lit match producer on stage. Comes 25 Sticks in one pack with instruction video.

Paper Burn


Magician asks a spectator to select a playing card from the deck of cards. And then shows a blank paper from both sides.

Now magician takes an incense stick (say agarbatti In Hindi or can use any wooden burned stick ) and touch to the paper in middle randomly at 2-3 spots and magically the paper starts burning in shape of playing card Number which revels audience selection.

With this idea, You can revel playing card, alphabets, any text or even picture on blank paper.

In Trick, we supply bottle 25 Grams Chemical powder using which you can perform the trick.


Ghost Candle

The magician displays a simple candle and is holding it in one hand. He tells a story of a haunted house that he has visited and asks if anyone believes in ghosts. He explains that a ghost has been following him since the visit at this haunted house and he cannot seem to get rid of the apparition. The audience does not seem to buy into this, so the magician says that he will demonstrate. He states that he needs to light the candle to attract the ghost out, because the ghost is drawn to the candle flame. But the magician can't seem to find his matches. He stares at the candle and suddenly the candle lights by itself. The magician thanks the ghost and continues with his ghost story. Comes complete with instructions, box to store candle, extra wick.

Dove-Pan (Metal)

The magician suggests an empty pan, and drops a bit of lit cloth or paper interior. The pan is included, and while it it opened a live dove or small pigeon, or different comparable live inventory appears. This is of course simply one possible effect, because the dove pan is a traditional magic prop and numerous workouts and presentation ideas with this have seemed in magic books and magazines. You could use it to magically "bake a cake" or turn an egg into a bird, and so on. This is a big length dove pan (approximately 9" in diameter, 6" in top and a pan depth of 2. 75" ) manufactured in seamless heavy gauge aluminium, powder coated and is derived to you with instructions and thoughts for its use.