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Fire Wallet (Standard)

There's nothing more mundane than paying for something in a store, but you know what they'll never expect? A MOUNTAIN OF FLAMES! pen wallet to get cash but oooooops, its flaming hot, Snap the wallet shut and show everyone that nothing looks strange dropping your favorite line— That's Unexpected, or maybe something fire-related, but you know, whatever floats your boat. The point is: the effect speaks for itself. It's that strong. This is regular carrying wallet, you can use it as an everyday wallet holding cash, card coins, your wife Photo ;) etc.    

Hot Book

  When you open this book, it BURSTS INTO FLAMES!   The basic effect is you pick up a book and read it to yourself or out loud. WOW - THIS BOOK IS HOT! - you HOT that the book bursts into flames!   Our FLAMING BOOK is an excellent gag item for performers that want something unusual and off-beat in their act.   Can also be used for GOSPEL MAGIC - when you talk about sin and hell this book starts burning up!   Hardcover book. Style may vary from photo. Perform our fun BURNING BOOK gag over and over again and again.   NOTE : SOLD ONLY TO ADULTS. Not Suitable for Children.

Flashy Matchstick

Want to make some flash on stage. Pulling out normal matchstick won't impress the audience much, but when you pull out a flashy burning match stick makes a huge impact on the audience. These are special matchstick which can be used with any type of lit match producer or used it as regular match stick, it burns much better, bigger, longer and flashy. This is the one must-have accessory for magician if you are using lit match producer on stage. Comes 25 Sticks in one pack with instruction video.

Appearing Wand From Air

This is really cute. Shiny black with silver tips, this wand looks great and appears in an instant. It's a plastic strip that wants to take the shape of an 20" straw. It starts out rolled up into a small bundle and held by a little ring. You can take the ring off and palm it securely so opening your hand lets the wand pop out.

Blooming Blossom


If you can move your finger, you can do this trick!

Red flower blooms- and disappears- at your command! Wonderful comedy potential! Works out of your pocket- very easy to carry around. Needs no resetting- do it over and over instantly with no muss or fuss. Of course, since the blossom is built into the stem, you can produce the same blossom again and again, no refills necessary. Very, very easy to do!   Performance Ideas: Show the feather stem with no flower. Tuck the stem under your arm, with the end for the flower facing the back. Turn your back to the audience, as if looking for the flower, and secretly make the flower bloom. Your audience will scream that it's bloomed, but when you take it from under your arm (and secretly make the bloom go back into the stem)- there is no flower when you hold it in front of you. It only seems to bloom when your back is turned! As a "thank you" to a special audience member, present the green stem, then as all watch, make the stem bloom for her. Propose with style! Attach the engagement ring to the center of the flower. As she watches, the red flower magically appears and, as it get larger and opens- there is the ring!

Torch to Rose

Beautiful Rose & Fire Magic! A small torch is lit by the magician. If desired, toss a fireball from the torch. Then, in a quick pass of the hand, the burning torch visibly transforms into a beautiful rose. This trick is self-working and very easy to perform at any point in your show!

Spirt Box

Spirit Box is an advanced electronic sensing system that looks totally organic. It sensing with long-range receiving technology. Just imagine You show your audience a nice little wooden box. Then you take out 7 objects: A ring Or Dice, key fob,Pocket Diary,ATM Card,Playing Card,Button,Lighter. Ask your spectator to think of any one of these objects. Then you turn around with your back towards them, let your spectator put any one of these objects into the box... Without any peek, you know what it is immediately! Then you can do 100% hit mindreading. And this process can be repeated over and over until your audience believes that you have real mental powers!   Here is what you get: A wooden box with secret hidden compartments Sensor Receiver Key fob Button ATM Card Playing Card Lighter Pocket Diary Charging cable There are no visual cues. You can use Spirit Box anywhere, anytime without any assistants. Just pure clean mentalism that everyone will love! Spirt Box will change the way you performing mentalism!  

Refills for Confetti Wand

This is is a set of extra Confetti Refills, for when the ones supplied with your wand run out.

Confetti Wand – With Refills

So unexpected- make your audience JUMP!       Another gimmicked Magic Wand to add an extra touch of color to your act.       Use this as a regular Magic Wand in your act. When you wish, just flick the wand, and a large amount of confetti shoots out of the wand, cascading down in a flutter of colors.       Repeat this again a little later in your act. (Each filling will permit you to perform this twice.)     Each set comprises of the special Magic Wand and supply of confetti refills that will permit you to perform this for several shows. The wand is a simple hollow wand, designed to take the confetti load. There are no mechanical, electrical, or electronic parts to go wrong, and you get the complete outfit at a very low affordable price.       What a great surprise! And SO EASY to do!     Confetti Wand Refills – Also available separately is a set of extra Confetti Refills, for when the ones supplied with your wand run out.

Ghost Candle

The magician displays a simple candle and is holding it in one hand. He tells a story of a haunted house that he has visited and asks if anyone believes in ghosts. He explains that a ghost has been following him since the visit at this haunted house and he cannot seem to get rid of the apparition. The audience does not seem to buy into this, so the magician says that he will demonstrate. He states that he needs to light the candle to attract the ghost out, because the ghost is drawn to the candle flame. But the magician can't seem to find his matches. He stares at the candle and suddenly the candle lights by itself. The magician thanks the ghost and continues with his ghost story. Comes complete with instructions, box to store candle, extra wick.

Color Changing Record

The color changing records has been a popular trick for some time now and I personally used it in my very first performance. You start off with showing a black record, which is placed into a cover. A red handkerchief is placed thru the hole in the middle. When the record is pulled out of the cover it has become red. A second black record is placed into the cover and a yellow handkerchief is placed thru the hole. When this record is removed from the cover it has become yellow! A last black record is placed into the cover and this time a blue handkerchief is placed thru the hole and when the record is removed it has turned blue. The cover can be shown empty and handed out at the end.

4Light Bulb Magic Trick

the Magic Switchboard The effect is simple but awesome. Each colored switch will only operate its matching colored bulb ­ regardless of the position of the bulbs. You can change bulb position even change the colored switch caps and still they'll always light the matching bulb. The spectators can also perform with magician and change the position of the bulbs and the switch caps and even flip the switches. Yet, each switch will only operate its matching bulb. It's an impossibility. The bulbs, the sockets, the switches and their caps are all perfectly ordinary and their examination will provide no clue to the method. All the trickery is built into the beautifully finished white ABS plastic board. It's entirely self contained and devilishly clever. We've literally fooled any IT guy with this one! Great for trade shows! It's so simple to operate, you'll entertain yourself with it. The boards are designed to look new fashioned, The Magic Switchboard measures 10 by 8 inches and plugs into any 220-volt outlet. Book yours now And enjoy the incredible hardware.