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The Call By Bhavik Shah


You Can Call Up To 1000 People At A Time Using The Same Number

Introducing our latest innovation for magicians – the ultimate calling app that will revolutionize the way you connect with your audience. With our app, you can call up to 1000 people at a time using the same number, allowing you to reach more people with your magic performances than ever before.

Our app is incredibly easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to manage your contacts and schedule your calls. You can customize your call settings, such as the number of participants, the duration of the call, and the type of magic tricks you want to perform. Our app also comes with a range of advanced features, including the ability to record your calls and save them for future use.

Whether you’re a professional magician looking to expand your reach or a hobbyist magician looking to share your passion with others, our app is the perfect solution. With our app, you can create an engaging and interactive experience for your audience, building a loyal following that will keep coming back for more.

So why wait? Download our app today and start performing magic shows like never before. With our app, the sky’s the limit!


Third Eye By Bhavik Shah


Looking for a multipurpose mentalism tool?


Here is One the THRID EYE, it is not just another mobile application it’s an idea that can be used in many ways.


Like to perform which hand effect, color pen prediction, ESP symbol prediction, mind-reading, Russian roulette, and many more …


This application is developed by Bhavik Shah, it is using a classic thumper principle.


NO more additional devices to carry, use your mobile phone as a tool for all your need.


Few of the effects


ESP prediction – before starting the effect magician place his mobile on the table, now he shows 6 ESP cards, mixes them, and asks the spectator to select anyone, now ask your spectator to just swipe up and unlock the phone.


The mobile has one ESP symbol as wallpaper, which is the exact match for spectators’ selection.


Which hand – ask your spectator to take anyone object from his pocket like a coin, keys, or lighter and hold in any one hand you will be able to identify the exact location without fail.


Russian roulette – put a small egg or spike onside paper bag mix them with another 3 or 4 empty bags. Mix them again and again so nobody knows where the egg is. Now smash all bags one by one except one which contains egg.


Blindfold Color balloon – show 4-5 different colored balloons, magicians close eyes or put a real blindfold on eyes and ask the audience to burst any one of the balloons. Now magicians instantly say which colored balloon busted without looking at it, just by hearing a busting sound. This can be repeated for all remaining balloons.


Many more MENTALISM effects can be performed.


Works offline (Internet Not Required)


Works only with Android phones for now.


Comes mobile application with video instruction.

Cognito App & Online Instructions (Instant Download)


What would it look like if you could genuinely read minds?

Magicians and mentalists have debated this for centuries. They’ve searched high and low for ways to crack the code to this age-old question. While many have tried, few ideas have come as close to looking like genuine telepathy as “Cognito”.

This revolutionary magic app, which has been called “the best magic app of the decade”, enables you to harness the unimaginable power of divining a thought that only exists within a person’s mind. No writing, typing, speaking, pointing, forcing, etc. They think of something and you know it.

“Cognito” has taken a criminally overlooked classic principle and reimagined it to thrive in a modern era. By implementing a variety of devious new methods, “Cognito” has made this principle completely invisible.

The spectator never says what they’re thinking of. They never write what they’re thinking of. They never point to or tap on anything. The only place that thought exists is in their own mind. Yet, they still manage to invisibly reveal to you what that thought is.

“Cognito” is incredibly versatile. You have a variety of different methods at your disposal. All of them are on display in the amazing presets that come with your purchase. As seen during the full performance in the trailer, there’s even some routines that are completely hands-off. One unbelievable concept even allows you to know what they’re thinking without having to peek at anything.

Now, it is important to point out the subtle difference between a “free choice” and a “random thought”. While there is absolutely no forcing involved, the spectator does make their free choice within the framework of a routine. For example, if you’re doing a star sign routine, they’re going to think of a star sign. Other than that, they don’t give any other verbal or visible indication of what they chose.

While this might seem limiting at first, it’s actually the complete opposite. That’s because “Cognito” is fully-customizable. The built-in preset builder makes it extremely easy to do. You can truly create any effect with as many choices as you want. It has endless creative potential. The exclusive private Facebook group is also bursting with amazing ideas from other magicians that you can integrate with just a few taps.



Everything You Need to Know about “Cognito”

  • Know a thought that only exists in someone’s head
  • Super easy to perform
  • No memory work or mental calculations required
  • No internet needed
  • No forces needed
  • Comes with multiple effects built-in
  • Works in any language
  • Can be easily customized
  • Integrates with other magic apps
  • Works on both iOS and Android
  • Exclusive Facebook group access

“The best app of the decade.”

 –  Craig Petty

“This is far more than an app, this is a tool that will open up a world of routining possibilities! First impressions… f$%@ing awesome!!!!”

 – Michael Murray

“Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10”

 – Christian Grace

“The more you play with Cognito, the more powerful it becomes.”

 – Rory Adams

“Wait, what?!? Hahaha. Love it! So, so smart.”

 – Mark Elsdon


Please Note: “Cognito” must be performed on your phone. However, after watching the tutorial, you’ll realize that this is completely organic. Unlike other magic apps, the effects you perform are structured in a way that wouldn’t make any sense for you to use someone else’s phone.

3,299.00 2% Off

Inject 2 System by Greg Rostami


Magic that’s ALWAYS with you.


“Rostami brings magic into the 21st century.”

– David Blaine


“When THEIR phone is all you have, and you want to do MIRACLES, Inject is a NECESSITY!”

– Dan White


“Inject is natural, versatile and PERFECT. An app you will LOVE using!”

– John Archer


“Inject is fantastic. Works flawlessly… I use it ALL the time.”

– Jan Forster


“There are no magic apps that are better than teleFoto and Inject. Bravo!!!”

– Bobby Motta


“Inject isn’t just one app, but MANY. So many powerful effects.”

– Angelo Carbone


“Inject feels as organic as magic with any borrowed object. Direct. POWERFUL!!”

– Justin Flom


“All of Greg’s apps don’t suggest the use of technology. Organic magic that can be performed anytime in the REAL WORLD!”

– Patrick Kun


“Mentalism at its best without a visible phone.”

– Titanas


“Everyone knows, I don’t DO APPS… but with Greg’s apps, there’s NO PHONE in play?! All I can say is… I USE IT and I LOVE IT!!!”

– Alexander Kolle


From the creator of iForce and teleFoto comes the biggest revolution in phone magic.


The Inject System runs on iOS and Android, but you can perform on any device.


All Inject effects are ON A BORROWED SPECTATOR’S PHONE without an accomplice.




Instantly know what your spectator is searching for on THEIR phone (no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi).


Force anything on your spectator even though they have a completely FREE choice!


Demonstrate your super-human memory of the dictionary or celebrity birthdays — without memorization!


Leave an impossible photo on your spectator’s Facebook page!


You will perform these astonishing effects and MORE with Inject.


So easy you’ll perform in 5 minutes (includes video instructions).

You NEVER touch their phone and your phone is NEVER in play.

Perform Inject effects even if your phone is dead!

Comes with 18 ASTONISHING effects!

Create your own custom effects for endless possibilities.

No skill, no memorization, no accomplice, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no voice recognition, no reset.

Perform surrounded, anytime, anywhere (with Internet) with NO PROPS!

Everything can be examined before and after the effect.

Works on ALL devices and ALL browsers.

The magic happens on THEIR phone!!

Without any props or skills, you’ll perform amazing magic and mentalism that will astound everyone!


TV performance rights are NOT included with purchase.


All TV rights are reserved and available from Rostami Magic.

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4Light Bulb Magic Trick


the Magic Switchboard
The effect is simple but awesome. Each colored switch will only operate its matching colored bulb ­ regardless of the position of the bulbs. You can change bulb position even change the colored switch caps and still they’ll always light the matching bulb. The spectators can also perform with magician and change the position of the bulbs and the switch caps and even flip the switches. Yet, each switch will only operate its matching bulb. It’s an impossibility. The bulbs, the sockets, the switches and their caps are all perfectly ordinary and their examination will provide no clue to the method. All the trickery is built into the beautifully finished white ABS plastic board. It’s entirely self contained and devilishly clever. We’ve literally fooled any IT guy with this one! Great for trade shows! It’s so simple to operate, you’ll entertain yourself with it.

The boards are designed to look new fashioned,
The Magic Switchboard measures 10 by 8 inches and plugs into any 220-volt outlet.
Book yours now
And enjoy the incredible hardware.

3,299.00 6% Off
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