4Light Bulb Magic Trick

4Light Bulb Magic Trick


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the Magic Switchboard
The effect is simple but awesome. Each colored switch will only operate its matching colored bulb ­ regardless of the position of the bulbs. You can change bulb position even change the colored switch caps and still they’ll always light the matching bulb. The spectators can also perform with magician and change the position of the bulbs and the switch caps and even flip the switches. Yet, each switch will only operate its matching bulb. It’s an impossibility. The bulbs, the sockets, the switches and their caps are all perfectly ordinary and their examination will provide no clue to the method. All the trickery is built into the beautifully finished white ABS plastic board. It’s entirely self contained and devilishly clever. We’ve literally fooled any IT guy with this one! Great for trade shows! It’s so simple to operate, you’ll entertain yourself with it.

The boards are designed to look new fashioned,
The Magic Switchboard measures 10 by 8 inches and plugs into any 220-volt outlet.
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