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Botania (Cloth Flower)

Show an empty cylinder Pass any kind of rose or any type of flower inside this empty cylinder Remove this rose or the flower from bottom of the empty cylinder Do this procedure two to three times And when the last time you do this process, then it becomes a full-fledged bouquet Note : It is an artificial flower (cloth flower) We can wash it.

Dove-Pan (Metal)

The magician suggests an empty pan, and drops a bit of lit cloth or paper interior. The pan is included, and while it it opened a live dove or small pigeon, or different comparable live inventory appears. This is of course simply one possible effect, because the dove pan is a traditional magic prop and numerous workouts and presentation ideas with this have seemed in magic books and magazines. You could use it to magically "bake a cake" or turn an egg into a bird, and so on. This is a big length dove pan (approximately 9" in diameter, 6" in top and a pan depth of 2. 75" ) manufactured in seamless heavy gauge aluminium, powder coated and is derived to you with instructions and thoughts for its use.