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Peony Production 12 inch Large (RED & WITH)


Surprisingly clean and very pretty! And now available in exceptional size and hues!

The well-known magician Shen Juan had used this props in the level vegetation changing. Peony flashing from empty hand.
This manufacturing Flower is pretty encouraged this props for those magic flowers enthusiasts.

Automated- so this is perfect for a dance recital, skills display or theatrical manufacturing!
Doing a production of Mary Poppins? See the recommendations segment for a excellent idea!

Less difficult than you could believe, you can instantly pull a peony flower out of your sleeve! Or produce it from interior a rolled up newspaper, from interior an “empty” container (like a square Circle), from under a cloth- you decide!

The working couldn’t be less complicated! The Peony is specially made to compress into a narrow place and opens quick, so it is able to without problems be hidden in a tightly rolled newspaper, inner a closed umbrella, or maybe up your sleeve. Once released, the bouquet right away spreads out to an excellent size. The effect is pretty magical- wherein did one of these large bunch of vegetation come from??

The Peony Flower is manufactured from light-weight internet material, with Springs inner. There are unique layers in this flower seems lovely on stage.
Plus the Rong on bottom facilitates you to drag it quickly as effortlessly.

First-class For degree magician additional prop in your frame loading.

Pointers: positioned some Glitter or confetti paper inside so when the flower opens it seems glittery.

Comes simplest Flower with none preparation Sheet or Any Holder.

Color: RED & WITH


While Closed – 12 inch

Whilst Opened – 24 inch

949.00 10% Off

Flower Basket From Bag


Extraordinary, and no skill wished!

That is an progressed and not possible version of magic dream bag.

You can Produce 4 flower baskets full of flora from a flat, empty bag!
All of it occurs inside the blink of an eye!

That is the Basket version.

This is a self-contained, nearly computerized, foolproof magic effect.
If you can attain into a paper bag, you can do the trick!

The effect: begin with a paper bag. It has a window on one side to reveal empty from inside. Stand it upright, and let it open. Attain into the bag, and pull out a Flower Basket with flower blossoms in it!
Then attain into the bag again, and pull out a 2d Basket, then the 1/3 Basket, and finally forth basket, all containing colourful plants!

How did the ones 4 complete baskets in shape right into a flat bag??

This effect may be completed surrounded and is perfect for situations wherein you need to have complete manipulate over your props (wherein it’s far restrained area, or is windy, and many others.).
When your display is finished, the baskets absolutely and quick fold flat once more for easy storage.

Comes with paper bag, four baskets & coaching sheet.

549.00 15% Off



The magician puts a straw in this class

And its assistant who is far away is called drinking it

After that, this glass gets reduced from inside and gradually the whole glass gets exhausted



Milk is poured into the milk filled in it by making a paper corn and gradually the whole jug is poured into paper corn.

And then it will be thrown towards the same audience

In that moment, the milk contained in Corn disappears

179.00 10% Off
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